What Is Your Burden Today?

Matthew 11:30 – “For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.”

Over this past week, I have family members who were diagnosed with Covid . Monday morning, I even learned that a past family member had been taken by the Covid virus. He and I occasionally used to fish together and I have many fond memories of him.

As the week progressed, I just felt as though everything was so heavy. I even caught myself praying to God that I cannot take anymore. Then, in my prayer time, this verse came to mind from when I memorized scripture as a child. It has always been one of my favorite verses.

No matter how much trouble comes our way, or even more so, how much we worry, Christ has an answer: “Give me those troubles, whether they be sins or despair, and I will trade you with the yoke of joy and forgiveness.”

I finally found myself in prayer asking God for forgiveness for failing to take advantage of the greatest gift He has for me as I walk this earth: To give my burdens to Him and for Him to allow me to be under His yoke that is light and full of joy.

I bet there are many today just like me. You just can’t seem to make it through today, much less the days that bring you to the end of the week. That’s why it’s just so important to constantly raise your face to Christ on a daily basis and surrender your burdens. In the process,  you can be relieved from the weight of life and graced with His yoke of peace and joy. It’s so good.

Stay healthy and have a blessed week! 

~Dean Burnetti 

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