Wishing All News Was GOOD News!

It’s “Tuesday Newsday,” the day when Dean Burnetti Law brings you news of recalls, legal or political events, or other important happenings…  Today it’s other (not so important) happenings…


Another Blood Pressure Medication Recall!

The worldwide recall of a common blood pressure medication has expanded to yet another manufacturer.  Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is voluntarily recalling 14 lots of Valsartan/Amlodipine/HCTZ tablets because of trace amounts of an impurity in an ingredient.

The impurity is N-nitrosodimethylamine, which occurs naturally in some foods, drinking water, air pollution, and industrial processes. The International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies NDMA as a “probable human carcinogen.”

The FDA said that patients should contact their physician to advise them about an alternative treatment prior to returning their medication.  They said that the risk of harm to the patient’s health may be higher if the treatment is stopped immediately without any alternative treatment.


When we searched for the recent recall news for today’s Tuesday Newsday, we found yet another blood pressure medicine recall!  While this news is important to the millions of people worldwide who rely on this medication to keep their tickers in check, it’s sad that so many of them are taking a potentially lethal life-saver!  So we looked for something to bring a smile to our faces.  When we searched for “funny” news or “strange” news, it was all news that left us feeling depressed at the state of the world.  So, we searched and searched for “uplifting news,” and though it took a while to find something purely uplifting that was not cloaked in doom (such as the man who rescued a dying dog from a locked car! —  Good that the man saved him, but depressing that the owner locked him in the car in the first place!).  Finally, we found something sure to make your heart smile!

105-year-old veteran gets his college diploma after 83 years!

Bill Vogt, 105, who graduated from San Diego State University in 1935, finally received his diploma last week.

Vogt started classes in 1931, studying “commerce.”   He says he wasn’t the greatest student, as he and his fraternity brothers spent much of their time looking for alcohol during the Prohibition era.

During Vogt’s final semester, a professor felt he didn’t deserve credit for a class which left Vogt a few credits short.  He made up the credits in the middle of the following year, but the graduation ceremony was months later.  At the time, he was trying to find work and was unable to pick up his diploma.

In the meantime, Vogt served in the Navy during World War II and the Korean War. He then worked at the Pentagon until 1970, and then went on to work as a school administrator.

Over the years (or rather decades), Vogt kept up with the school’s activities and sports teams. Then a few months ago, he joined the alumni association after being drawn to a free wooden diploma frame for members.  School officials searched their records and discovered that Vogt had earned a bachelor of arts degree, but never received his actual diploma.  The school then duplicated the 1935 diplomas to so that Mr. Vogt could finally have his certificate to display.

Mr. Vogt said with a smile, “I’m going to hang it on the wall with pride. I went to a fine school.”


Now, tell us the truth…  Don’t you wish ALL news could be as uplifting as this?

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Could it be any better?

It’s Monday. Welcome to a new week. Today is the day for “Monday Ministry.” Did you know that Attorney Dean Burnetti went to seminary before he was called to the legal field?  The following is a devotion given to you by Dean…


1 Corinthians 2:9  “That is what the scriptures mean when they say, ‘No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him.’”

My last day.  What could be a more wonderful time and place?  I don’t want to leave.  Early tomorrow morning, we’ll start our journey home.

I’m a little sad wondering when I can come back.  Why do I really have to leave?

We’ve all been there.  It’s the last day of our vacation.  As I was fretting, I remembered this scripture.

No matter how great any place on earth may be, there’s absolutely  nothing to compare with what God has prepared for you and I.

We generally just think that focuses on when we get to heaven. But it also includes the entirety of our future with Christ.  The whole trip.  All of the journey is incomparable to our best vacation spot.  Today, praise Him for the future He’s promised you.

Let it lift your heart and mind. It’s richer than any words can ever tell.  Praise Him and be glad.

Have a blessed day.

~Dean Burnetti

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For the OTHER Half…

If you haven’t been enjoying Lawyer Dog’s adventures these last Fun Fridays because you’re a cat person, then this one’s for you!  Have a terrific weekend, friends!

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Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

Welcome to Throwback Thursday!  Look!  It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  No, it’s just the Retro Bus.  Don’t worry…. The Retro Bus will not be traveling at unsafe speeds.  The “speeding bullet” analogy refers to the sights we’ll see along the way.

On our first stop, well visit the year 1938 (or at least we’ll get close), when the first Superman comic book was published.  (This is actually the 6th comic book published in 1939.)

Many comic books at the time were popular, but Superman was an overnight sensation!  The comics continued to grow in popularity until some Hollywood bigwigs finally caught on and brought the Man of Steel to life.  At first, he was portrayed in a series of animated shorts that began in 1941.

When the superhero’s popularity failed to wane, it was decided that he should really come to life, not as an animated character, but as a man, and not in movie shorts, but in movie serials.  (While both were shown before a feature film back in the day, a serial was longer than a short.)  He was was portrayed by actor Kirk Alyn, and he starred in two serials, “Superman” in 1948, and “Atom Man vs. Superman” in 1950.

By the following year, 1951, he had become so popular, it was decided that he should star in a full length feature film entitled “Superman and the Mole Men.”  The Man of Steel was portrayed by George Reeves.

George Reeves did such an amazing job as the under cover Daily Planet reporter that a year later, he was contracted to portray Superman in a television series entitled “The Adventures of Superman.”  The show ran from 1952 through 1958.  (They switched to color film in the 1954 season — A bold move evidencing the show’s popularity, since it was so expensive to shoot in color film at the time.)

After the TV show ended, while the comic books continued to be published, the live action popularity seemed to wane a bit until 1978 when actor Christopher Reeve revived the Metropolis Marvel in the movie “Superman.”  The revival was so popular that the film was quickly followed by “Superman II” in 1981, “Superman III” in 1983, and “Superman IV: The Quest for Peace” in 1987 (all starring Christopher Reeve).

The mind-mannered reporter split his time between the big screen and the small screen when he held a spot from 1993 to 1997 in the TV show “Lois and Clark” featuring actor “Dean Cain” as Clark Kent.

And then again, in the TV show “Smallville” which ran from 2001 through 2011 and featured actor Tom Welling in the lead role.

Meanwhile, “Superman Returns” hit the big screen in 2006 starring Brandon Routh.

And then actor Henry Cavill picked up the cape and starred as the Man of Tomorrow in three movies, “Man of Steel” in 2013, “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” in 2016, and “Justice League” in 2017.

And now, it seems, a new TV show entitled “Metropolis” is slated to debut in 2019 which is supposed to be a prequel to Superman coming to town.   (Don’t you love how the Retro Bus not only took us back to 1938, but now we know, it apparently can take us into the future, too!)

We’re thinking that even though “Metropolis” is pre-Superman, the Man of Steel must be charted to at least make an appearance now and then.  If so, we think our very own Dean Burnetti would make the perfect muscle-clad superhero!  After all, he already fights for truth, justice, and the American way.  What do you think?

This concludes our tour of Metropolis.  We apologize for not stopping for a visit at the “Daily Planet,” but we hear Editor Perry White was a little upset because low man on the totem pole, Jimmy Olson, spilled ink on him or something.  And Great Caesar’s Ghost, when that man gets angry, boy he can yell!

Watch your step as the Retro Bus lets you off by the curb, and be sure to tune in come back next week for another exciting adventure.  #TBT

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OUCH! My car and my tooth are ruined!

Wednesday is the day YOU get to “Ask an Attorney.”  Just leave your question in the comments below, and if your question is selected, it will be answered on an upcoming Wednesday by one of our attorneys at Dean Burnetti Law.


Heather B. from Tampa asks, “The week before Thanksgiving in 2016, I was rear-ended in a car accident.  Apparently during the collision, I clenched my jaw, and cracked a rear molar.  The dentist I saw has been treating my family for over 15 years, and I trusted him completely.  He had to extract the tooth, and told me there may be some initial numbness that would eventually dissipate.  After a year and a half, my cheek and jaw are still numb, and my tongue has a tingly sensation all the time.  I am a teacher, so my job requires that I speak for long periods of time, but with my tongue tingling, it sometimes causes me to slur or misspeak my words, and you can imagine how my 7th graders react to that.  I recently took my daughter to an orthodontist to be fitted for braces, and I mentioned my dilemma.  He indicated that the numbness and tingling I’m experiencing should have dissipated a week or two at the most after the tooth was removed.  Can I sue my dentist, or is it too late to do anything?”

Hi, Heather.  I’m sorry about your dilemma.  In Florida, the Statute of Limitations on a dental malpractice is generally 2 years from the date of the malpractice.  (There are some limited exceptions that make it possible to extend the time.)  Because you are within the initial 2 years, you do still have time to file a claim against the dentist.  However, in order to do so, an attorney would have to find an expert (in this case, another dentist) who would testify that the dentist you used actually did something wrong or negligent that caused your long-term problems.  It would have to be proven that the dentist you used did not act with the same degree of skill and care that another dentist would have used.

You did not mention whether you had seen an attorney for your auto accident.  If not, if the driver that rear-ended you had insurance coverage, it’s possible to piggyback your dental malady to your auto claim.

I would suggest that you contact an experienced malpractice attorney right away, or if you already have an attorney for your accident, speak to him or her about what you’ve told me.  If that attorney does not handle malpractice claims, they will likely be able to refer you to another attorney who can work with your attorney as far as the part where the other driver is liable, and they can handle the malpractice portion of your claim if an expert agrees that a malpractice has occurred.  But because over a year and a half has already passed, time is of the essence.  Please do not wait any longer to speak to an attorney.

Good luck with everything!

~Dean Burnetti

[If you have a question for one of our attorneys, please write it in the comments below, and be sure to check back soon for a response.]

(The information contained herein is for informational purposes only, and does not constitute legal advice.)

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Wandering Goats, Flying Toilets, Ginger Ale, and Chicken

It’s “Tuesday Newsday,” the day when Dean Burnetti Law brings you news of recalls, legal or political events, or other important happenings…  Today it’s other (not so important) happenings…


With all the political stuff, recalls, deaths and destruction in the news lately, sometimes, it’s just a little overwhelming.  Sometimes when we hear the word “news,” we automatically cringe and think “What now?”  When that happens, it’s time to look for some fun in the world.  Something uplifting.  Some GOOD news.  Keeping that in mind, we hope today’s Tuesday Newsday makes you smile.


Idaho isn’t only known for its most delicious potatoes.  At least not earlier this month.  No, earlier this month, it was known for the throng of free-roaming goats on the loose in the suburban neighborhood.  Residents got quite a surprise when they woke up to a herd of nearly 100 goats roaming their streets, moving from house to house, and eating countless landscapes along the way!

The goats were first spotted around 7 AM, and ran about freely for nearly an hour until their owners came to retrieve them.

The owners were none other than a company called “We Rent Goats.”  (What else?)  It’s a rental service that rents out herds of goats to help clear weeds and assist with fire suppression on private land and public property.  (And we thought they did parties.)

The goats had been grazing nearby when they escaped and set off on a snacking tour of the neighborhood.  Luckily, they weren’t docked for taking an unplanned break, and the owners got them corralled and back to work without further incident.


Canada Dry ginger ale claims it’s “made with real ginger.”  However, one unhappy consumer claims she’s been misled for years.  According to her lawyer, the woman believed . . . Canada Dry was made using ginger root and was, as a result, a healthier alternative to regular sodas.  It was because of this that she filed a lawsuit against the company.

She claims that because Canada Dry’s listed ingredients are carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, sodium benzoate, natural flavors and caramel colors, they pulled the old “bait and switch” and should have to pay.

Oddly, this isn’t the first lawsuit to hold the ginger ale company to task for its ingredient list. Last year in Missouri, a lawsuit was filed against Canada Dry’s mother company, however that lawsuit was dismissed because the company claimed that ginger is used in the “natural flavoring.”

Strangely, ginger ale isn’t the only food or beverage item that’s been on the chopping block for similar silly reasons.  It turns out that the Kellogg’s company has had to deflect numerous lawsuits by people who believed that Froot Loops contained real fruit.  Another famous lawsuit (which was later dismissed) charged Subway of shorting customers on its foot-long subs.  Another lawsuit against Chobani yogurt challenged that it was impossible for “Greek” yogurt to be “made in the USA.”  And Starbucks faced a similar legal battle because, up until 2015, their pumpkin spice latte didn’t actually contain pumpkin.

As for the lady who’s currently suing Canada Dry, the Buffalo News says that one factor in her confusion about the product was a 2011 commercial where a hunky “ginger farmer” pulled a root out of the ground – and was pulled up through a woman’s cooler of Canada Dry.

(This blogger is a little surprised that she didn’t also sue because the drink was neither made in Canada, nor is the liquid dry.)


What could be stranger than goats invading an Idaho suburb early in the morning?  How about Colorado’s wind sending nearby porta-potties airborne!  Ewww!

As the portable outhouses careened into the air, they sprayed liquid onto horrified (and somewhat amused) onlookers as they ran for cover.  (Again, Ewww!)


And to end this week’s Tuesday Newsday, now that we’ve had the funny, the bizarre, and the outrageous, it’s time for the Awwww – Warm and Fuzzy Feel Good Moment…  (Better grab the tissues.)

Recently in San Antonio, Texas, a pregnant lady and her husband stopped at their local Chik-fil-A to drop off their daughters with a friend.  She needed to use the restroom, but the restaurant was closed.  The couple banged on the door and the store director opened the door.

Everyone received a surprise when the woman went to the restroom and promptly delivered her baby!  Her husband managed to unwrap the umbilical cord from the baby’s neck and helped deliver the baby girl they named Gracelyn.

Both mom and baby are doing great, and best of all, Chik-fil-A  has promised Gracelyn free Chick-fil-A for life as well as a job as soon as she turns 14.   Awwww!

This is not the baby born at Chik-fil-A

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Keep Me Safe In Your Love

It’s Monday. Welcome to a new week. Today is the day for “Monday Ministry.” Did you know that Attorney Dean Burnetti went to seminary before he was called to the legal field?  The following is a devotion given to you by Dean…


Jude 1:20-21 “But you, dear friends, must build each other up in your most holy faith, pray in the power of the Holy Spirit,  and await the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, who will bring you eternal life. In this way, you will keep yourselves safe in God’s love.”

I make it a point each day to ask God to send me someone to minister to. I believe there are some things we do that are forms of spiritual exercise. Here, scripture tells us to build each other up in our most holy faith.


I hope that the person I minister to will benefit by my words and my actions. But I believe that I get get just as great a benefit, too. I become stronger with each person I help.
When you fall in love with God’s people, it changes the whole Christian journey you are on.

I’m reminded as Jesus looked out over the crowd, He was repeatedly “moved with compassion.”  What that translates to us is that Jesus fell in love with the individuals before Him.

When I’m in the presence of a young lawyer or doctor, when I witness their frustration of work, I’ll often ask, “What do you think of your client or patient?”  So often I then hear a list of complaints of their client’s or patient’s faults.

My response is to tell them how much I love a particular client with examples of something about them I love. Why?  Because you’ll hate your life, your work, and yourself if you don’t love those that you minister to.  You’ll become spiritually unhealthy because of your lack of love.

Today, I absolutely guarantee you that if you’ll ask God to bring someone to you to minister to, that He will.  Just don’t forget to fall in love with them. Exercise will strengthen your love.  And that will keep you safe.

Have a blessed day.

~Dean Burnetti

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