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It’s “Tuesday Newsday,” the day when Dean Burnetti Law brings you news of recalls, legal or political events, or other important happenings…


Harley-Davidson recalls nearly 175,000 U.S. bikes due to potentially dangerous brakes

Harley-Davidson is recalling several hundred thousand motorcycles because the brakes have the potential to fail.

The recall, which is expected to cost the company nearly $29 million, covers CVO Touring and VSRC bikes equipped with anti-lock brakes for models manufactured between 2008 and 2011

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began investigating problems with the brakes after getting more than 40 complaints in 2016.

The problem is linked to the anti-lock brake system that can corrode and fail without warning. Usually, it’s either only the front or the rear brakes that fail. But in one instance, both systems gave out, resulting in a low-speed crash.

The trouble is originating in the brake fluid, which some owners apparently aren’t changing as often as required.  The old fluid then becomes contaminated by moisture and can corrode the anti-lock brake system’s actuator valves. If this happens, the valves won’t work.

Dealers will flush and replace brake fluid starting on February 12.

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